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Take a peek with me into my crystal ball,

Published: Tue, 02/21/23

Lease Intelligence Introducing The Office Of The Future Earlier this month, the national research group Kastle’s “Return To Office Barometer” measured…

These LA office stats will stun you,

Published: Tue, 07/19/22

Lease Intelligence Eye Opening Office Space Data Now hear this – from the latest report from Savills Research: Office availability across Los Angeles…

The office has changed for good,

Published: Tue, 06/14/22

Lease Intelligence "The Office" Is A Whole New Concept Everyone who works in human resources or knows somebody who does is aware that an entire…

Which way is up for the office market, ?

Published: Thu, 11/18/21

Lease Intelligence Is The Office Market Moving Up Or Down? The latest data on the Los Angeles office market just came out and two very noteworthy…

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